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    Super Ball Bush

Super bush which WON localize first in Korea presents following advantage with good features both of “High Load Capacity” & “Self-Alignment" Basically.


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3 times higher load capacity &27 times longer travel life

Super ball bush offers 27 times longer travel life due to composition with 3 times higher load capacity than the conventional ball bush in the same dimension.

Ease to replacement

There are ‘SB` for Asian standard & ‘SBE` for European standard ,’SB’ type should be completely interchangeable with
the general ball bushes to be used in domestic market.

0.5 of self - alignment

It makes the load on the several Balls to be uniformly distributed and assures smooth entry & exit of balls against
plate in the load carrying area.
Asian standard (JIS)
    Linear Motion Shafts                                                                                                      Top         

Linear Motion Shafts that WON Shaft Precision Co. has been manufacturing are case hardened & ground shaft featuring high precision of rectilinear motion when used with Ball Bush . LM. shaft used with Linear Motion Ball Bush acts as the guide of the ball bush and the inner raceway of the bearing as well. Thus shaft’s quality is potent influence on the functions of ball bush and linear motion system.WON does do raw-material’ selection , heat –treatment, grinding, machining and guarantee the functions of L.M.SHAFT by it’s own
long –dated accumulated technique

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Case hardened & ground shaft
WS Conventional shaft; Material STB-2(SUJ-2100Cr6) WCS Hard Cr-plated shaft for anti-corrosive application ;Material STB-2(SUJ-2 100Cr6) WAS Stainless steel shaft for high anti-corrosive application; Material SUS440C

Hollow Shaft
WTS Conventional hollow shaft; Material STB-2(SUJ-2,100Cr6) WTCS Hard Cr- plated hollow shaft ; Material STB-2(SUJ-2,100Cr6)

Machined Shaft
WBS Standard tapping machined shaft ;Material STB-2(SUJ-2, 100Cr6) WTCS Hard Cr-plated & tapping machined shaft for anti-corrosive application; Material STB -2(SUJ-2,100Cr6) WBAS Stainless steel of tapping machined shaft for high anti
corrosive application ; Material SUS440C WSS special machining shaft for customer’s requirements or drawing.

    Slide Unit                                                                                                                              Top


These support blocks can support the ends of the ends of Linear Motion Shafts without special machining .

There are ‘WK’  for plane and ‘WKF’ & ‘SF’ for a wall.


When there are shaft deflection or Vibration to worry about, this shaft support rail Composes ‘Slide Rail Unit’ by support the tapping machined shaft together with opened type ball bush blocks.
    Cross Roller Guideways                                                                                                   Top

WON’s Cross Roller Guide way consists of the precisely ground raceways and the roller cage, in which precision roller are incorporated at right angle to one another, is fitted in to 90 v-grooved raceway machined on the race rail. WRG Guide ways is compact linear motion system with high rigidity and high accuracy as a kind of linear motion bearing with low frictional resistances, tight clearance & non-circulation method by big rollers with contact-areas as a rolling body.

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Delicate Slide , High rigidity & High accuracy

The number of the effective rolling body are many as the rolling body uses precision rollers and it is not circulated (non circulation) so that he rigidity is high, the load capacity is big, the fluctuation of frictional resistance is small and there is not almost the difference between the starting frictional resistance and the dynamic frictional resistance and the dynamic frictional resistance. \there fore, in spite of delicate sliding, the linear motion can keep high precise (accurate)

Zero- clearance

When two roller guides are installed in parallel, the resulting system can bear loads in all directions perpendicular to the rails. Moreover, since a preload can be applied easily, the system can be highly rigid, nimble slide mechanism with no clearance.


The one set is composed by 4 rails & 2 cages ,and it make light sliding.


The one set is composed by 3 rails &
2 cages ,and it makes light sliding.


The one set is composed by inserting 3 rails & 2 cages , in to a housing, and it thus makes compacter sliding.


The one set is composed by inserting 4rails & 2 cages in to a housing, and it thus makes , high precision sliding.
Entire Range
    Linear Ball Bushing                                                                                                       Top

WON Linear Ball Bushing, LM type is the linear motion system with unlimited stroke by applying with LM shaft. Because of the point contact between Balls and LM shaft, minimum friction can be acquired and that can give you the high precision motion.

Components and Features

As shown in Fig WON Linear Ball Bushing serve the alignment of the balls toward the LM shaft by the single retainer and cylindrical shaft of raceway. Outer sleeve is made of high-carbon chromium bearing steel, and inner and outer grinding process are applied after heat treatment.
The dimensions of WON Linear Ball Bushing are standardized to have full interchangeability. LM shaft is provided with the cylindrical grinding to have high precision fitting clearance.

Rigid Outer Sleeve

Hardened and precisely ground outer sleeve is made of bearing steel, and can be directly assembled with the needle bearing on outer surface.

High Precision Retainer

The single body retainer guides 4~6 ball circuits, and it gives the precision guiding against the balls moving direction and smooth motion.

LM Case Unit

LM Case Unit, SC type is consist of the light aluminum case and LM type WON Linear Bushing, so the assembly can be finished by simple bolting.
Longer life can be obtained by adjusting the ball circuits orientation of WON Linear Ball Bushing against the direction of load.

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WON Linear Ball Bushing is idely used in precision equipments; computer and peripheral equipments, measuring equipments, auto recording equipments, and 3D measuring equipments, and linear motion system in machine for mass production; multi-axis drilling machines, punching press, tool grinders, auto-gas cutters, printing machines, card selectors, food packing machines, and etc.

Linear Ball Bushing- Part Number Notification

Linear Ball Bushing – Types

    Compact Ball Spline                                                                                                            Top

Compact Ball Spline is an innovative linear motion system to transit torque while smoothly doing rolling motion on the 2 precisely ground raceways to be divided in 180 deg of the spline shaft diameter.

WON’s Ball Spline is an innovative linear motion system, in that balls accommodated in the spline nut transmit torque while linearly moving on precision ground raceway on a
spline shaft.

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Transmission of High Torque

The ball spline has grooves to be very precisely ground in a round type closely to a ball diameter. So that, if torque load is put over spline shaft and spline nut, 2 rows are evenly put in the direction of the torque load within the 2 rows with load. The rotation center is automatically determined

Zero Backlash

The ball spline minimizes clearance in the rotational direction (Angular backlash).Preloading on a spline nut can reduce
angular backlash to zero if necessary, thereby increasing rigidity.


The key hold machined on ball spline nut, can exactly fix the position of rotational direction.


It has the enough strength as it is one unity both of flange and the body of ball spline nut.


It has the neat appearance as well as the stable strength according as retainer is inserted into the inside


It has the eight-sided design for much more compact installation.


It has the neat appearance as well as the stable strength according as retainer is inserted into the inside.

    TR Guideways                                                                                                                   Top
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    Position Stage                                                                                                                  Top

Position stage gets accuracy in feeding through use of WRG  Guide Way and operation of Micrometer Head . There are various sizes by the several models for customer’s various demands. Rack & Pinion operating method XRP Types uses WRG Guide Way and makes accuracy in  feeding & no noisy movement by selectiong helical method of Rack & Pinion Gear.


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