Mijno OCM
Spherical Plain Bearings
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Pillow Block  Bearings

MA Bearing :
We choose the best steel to made it produced by CNC grinded precise can be heated proof on + 61 degree inner
and surrounding. We got excellent material, 30 years
experience specialist to quality control, long life guarantee
and exquisite package.

One-piece cast iron housing : For added strenght, to carry heavy loads

Set Screw :
Set Screws with Ball at Tip to increase grip and is more stronger & steady as compared to others.

Steel plate slinger :
It produce by precise and deep pressure, low temperature design to prevent transfiguration.

Grease :

Greases are made by lubricated specialist only, R3-HC has been revolved to stand heated greasing with silicon, minus 30 degree to plus 130 degree heated to make up a deficiency pore automation.

Grease nipple :
For Copper opening grease nipple to make an convient extra effort, you could also choose 45 degree grease nipple to refuel it

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