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Dual Shaft Guides

1. Increase in Service Life ,Corrosion Resistance and Antitrust

KHS-LG ,TPS Dual Guides, adopting high-carbon chromium bearing steel to the friction part ,guarantees long term life span because it obtains over 58 HRC (Hardness of Rockwell) by high-frequency heat treatment, and precision grinding. The shafts are hardened chromed which not only has pleasing appearance ,but also superior antirust properties..The Running precision is less than ±0.02 with the adoption of double row bearings . The material of Linear Block and Shaft support is of aluminum alloy with superior surface finish and anodizing.

2. Family Easy Assembly

KHS-LG TPS Shaft type linear guides make to standardize and conformity, which is simple for customer’s design and assembly.

3. Easy Interchangeability

KHS-LG TPS Guide blocks and track rail can be purchased separately. After customers long-term use, interchangeability allows replacement of damaged or loose parts.

4. Smooth and Quiet Movement with High Speeds

TPS Series has well-balanced rolling contact between carrying rollers and shaft. Adopting double row bearing, Dual Guide makes all elements of the bearing have a complete rolling motion, so it has rectilinear motion with the maximum rotation speed and silence.

5. Double Row Bearings

KHS-LG TPS Dual guides use Double Row ball bearings as the rolling element .The double row ball bearing has the great advantages of enduring both axial and radial loads with high speed rotation. Regarding multi axial loads, the double row ball bearing has two point contacts with the guide rail shaft and is precisely grinded after cutting a groove and heat treatment in the outer wheel. Moreover, it has grease inside. Thus, it doesn't need to have additional oil supplements up to the end of its life.

6. High Economy Efficiency

The advantages are lightweight, corrosion resistance, interchangeability and easy assembly. Those are optimum and wide ranges of application for machine equipment.

7. Low Total Cost

Shaft type linear guides with simple structures, high productivity and ease of assembly. It has lower cost and more competitive pricing.

TPS12E - Dual Shaft Guides

Twin Parallel Shaft System (Adjustable) Anticorrosive Linear Guide For Low Cost and simple design..
TPS8 ~ TPS12 ~ TPS16 - Dual Shaft Guides

Twin Parallel Shaft System (Fix or Adjustable) Anticorrosive Linear Guide for heavy loads and high acceleration with closed body arrangement .Recommended for dusty environment. Longer Block types are available.
TPS4 ~ TPS5 - Dual Shaft Guides

Twin Parallel Shaft System (Adjustable) Anticorrosive Linear Guide for low height and compact dimensions.
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