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Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

KHS Drawn cup needle roller bearings consist of a drawn cup thin-walled, cold-formed outer ring, a group of needle rollers and cage assembly which together form a bearing unit. The low cross section provides maximum load-carrying capability with a minimum of space required and can be easily installed with a press fit in the housing and normally require no further axial fixing. Comparing with end open type bearings, the end closed type bearings have lip seals which, under normal operating conditions, protect the bearing from contamination and prevent grease leakage.(series includes HK,HK..RS,HK..2RS,BK,BA,BHA,BAM,TA ..etc.).

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Machined Type Needle Roller Bearings

KHS Machined type needle roller bearings are roller bearings which have a high load carrying capacity with very small section height and are available with or without inner ring. The outer ring is made by machining, grinding and heat-treatment. Except full complement needle roller bearings, the needle rollers are guided parallel to axis by a dimensionally stable cage. These bearings are available in various types and optimally selectable for different conditions such as high-speed or low-speed rotation.(series includes NA 48/49/69,RNA 48/49/69 ,NA 49..UU,NK,NKI, NKIA, NKIB, NKS, NKIS,NKX, NKX..Z, NKXR, NKXR..Z,BR, NAF, NAFW ..etc.)

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Thrust Needle Roller Bearings

KHS Thrust needle roller bearings are composed of rollers, thrust cage & washer. The rollers can be needle rollers or cylindrical rollers and are equally spaced by means of a cage whose web section separates the rollers and provides guidance to keep them tracking in an orbital path. Different washers can be utilized to the roller thrust assemblies for the ease of handling.(series includes 811,812,WS /GS 811,WS/GS 812 ,LS,AXK,AS ..etc.)

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Stud and Yoke Type Track Roller Bearings

KHS Stud and Yoke type track roller bearings consist of a thick-walled heavy-duty outer ring that is designed in arc shape to avoid edge stress. They can be used as pressure rollers, eccentric rollers or rocker arm rollers as well as for simple linear guidance. They are designed for outer ring rotation ,and the outer ring run directly on mating track surfaces. Stud type track rollers have a stud incorporating needle rollers in a thick walled outer ring. (series includes CF , CF..UU, CF..V, CF..VUU,CR,CRH..VB,CRH..VBUU, NUKR, NAST, RNAST, NAST..ZZ, NAST..ZZUU, NA/RNA 22..2RS, NATR, NATV, NATR/NATV..PP, CRY..V, CRY..VUU,NUTR,NUTR..X ..etc.)

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Drawn Cup Needle Roller Clutches

KHS Drawn cup needle roller clutches have a very small radial section height and makes optimum use of the available space allowing compact designs to be achieved. These clutches are suitable for transmitting high torque and are normally used for indexing ,back-stopping and as overrunning clutches. HF and RC series are composed of thin-walled drawn outer ring with a series of ramps on its inside diameter and steel springs in the plastic cage. Needle rollers, which are retained and guided by a plastic cage, form the clamping elements. HFL and RCB series has two integral radial bearings arranged on both sides of needle roller clutch and can therefore support radial forces in particularly space-saving bearing arrangements. (series includes HF,HFL,RC,RCB ..etc.)

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Linear Motion Bearings

KHS Linear ball bushings are high precision linear bearings which offer unlimited backward and forward linear movement with minimum frictional resistance during which the balls are constantly returned to the loaded zone in closed circuits .The bearings enable accurate linear guides to be constructed simply and economically. The requisite linear ball bearing for given linear guidance application is selected on the basis of its load carrying capacity in relation to the load being applied and the requirements in terms of operational life and reliability.(series includes LM,LME,LM/LME.. UU, LM/LME..UUAJ, LM/LME..UUOP, LMF, LMK,KH, KH..PP ..etc.)

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

KHS Cylindrical roller bearings are full complement cylindrical single row and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings and are designed to take heavy loads. As locating and semi-locating bearings, they can take axial as well as heavy radial loads. The inner ring, the rolling set and the outer ring form a ready to fit unit .The cylindrical rollers are guided between ribs. (series includes SL 18 29,SL 18 30,SL 01 49,SL 02 49,SL 04 50 ..etc.)

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Track Roller Bearings

KHS LR 52 ,LR 53 series track roller bearings are double row track roller bearings with thick-walled outer ring and without filling slot suitable for taking thrust loads in both directions .KHS LR 2 series track roller bearings are based on the radial ball bearing series 62.. but with thick walled outer ring .Bearings with crowned outside surface have the suffix “U”.LR..KDD(U) are sealed on both sides with sealing shields ,LR..NPP(U) are sealed on both sides with contact seals .(series includes LR..2 NPP / NPPU ,LR ..52 KDD/KDDU,LR..53 KDD/KDDU..etc.)

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Flat Roller Cages

KHS Flat needle roller cages consists of FF and FF..ZW series which are plastic ,with dovetail notches on the ends which enable any number of components to be fixed end to end .The needle rollers are grouped in a diameter tolerance of 0 to -2 microns ,and are individually guided and retained.KHS flat cages prevent “slip-stick” and ensure smooth trouble free running running for all types of flat guidways.FF series are single row flat cage and FF..ZW are double row flat cage.
The double row are connected by a flexible web which permits the two rows of needle rollers to be bent to any required angle relative to one another so that the whole can be used as a inverted vee-cage. (series includes FF,FF..ZW..etc.)

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Rod End Bearings

KHS Rod end bearings are compact, self-aligning spherical bushings that can support a large radial load and a bi-directional axial load at the same time. They have either a female thread in the body or a male thread on the body, and they can be easily assembled onto machines. The PB type consists of a spherical inner ring, an outer ring and a bushing and is assembled with a shaft and housing. The LHSA type are self aligning rod ends consisting of a special die-cast zinc alloy body and a studded ball which has its axis at right angles to the body.(series includes PHS,POS ,SA,SI,PHSB,POSB,PB,LHSA ..etc.)

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Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

KHS Needle roller and cage assembly, series K, is a self-retaining roller bearing component consisting of a complement of needle rollers held and guided in place by a cage. With no inner or outer ring, the low cross section provides maximum load-carrying capability within the smallest envelope. The mating shaft and housing are normally used as inner and outer raceways. The cage is made of steel or plastic (series includes K,K..ZW ..etc.)

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