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IKO Needle Rooler Bearing Series
IKO Needle Roller Bearing series includes needle roller bearings featuring a low sectional height and high precision, and various other bearings for rotating motion. A wide range of products prepared in our large variety and small lot production system and supplied through our sales network dedicated to customer service, meet the customer's needs in every industrial sector, and contribute to down sizing and resource saving of machines and equipment. Out of our many thousand kinds of products, we will introduce you to some typical examples of IKO Needle Roller Bearing series.
IKO Shell Type Needle Rooler Bearing

Caged type
Grease retained full complement type


IKO Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings are light weight bearings with large load ratings. They employ a shell type outer ring made from a thin special steel plate which is accurately drawn, carburized and quenched, thus providing the lowest sectional height among the needle roller bearings. There are two types of bearings available in this series; the caged type and the full complement type……
IKO Machine Type Needle Rooler Bearings

Caged Needle Roller Bearings
Guide Needle Roller Bearings
Capilube Needle Roller Bearnings


IKO Machined Type Needle Roller Bearings are bearings with a low sectional height and large load ratings. The outer ring has high rigidity and can easily be used even for light alloy housings. These bearings are available in metric series and inch series, both of which have the caged type and the full complement type. It is therefore possible to select a suitable bearing for use under various conditions such as …..

IKO Combined Type Needle Rooler Bearings

Combined with thrust ball bearing
Combined with thrust roller bearing
Combined with angular contact ball bearing
Combined with three-point contact ball bearing


IKO Combined Type Needle Roller Bearings are combinations of a radial bearing and a thrust bearing. Caged needle roller bearings are used as radial bearings and thrust ball bearings or thrust roller bearings are used as thrust bearings…
IKO Cam Followers

Standard Type Cam Followers
Capilube Cam Follower
Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Followers
Eccentric Type Cam Followers


IKO Cam Followers are bearings with a stud incorporating needle rollers in a thick walled outer ring. These bearings are designed for outer ring rotation, and have superior rotational performance with a small coefficient of friction. Also, they are designed to have minimal radial internal clearance to increase the loading zone, and thus reduce the effect of shock loads and ensure stable long life…
IKO Spherical Bushings

Steel-on-steel Spherical Bushings
Maintenance-free Spherical Bushings


IKO Spherical Bushings are self-aligning spherical plain bushings that have inner and outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces, and can take a large radial load and a bi-directional axial load at the same time. There are many types of Spherical Bushings, but they are basically divided into steel-on-steel types and maintenance-free types …
IKO Pilloballs

Lubrication Type PILLOBALL Spherical Bushings Insert Type
Lubrication Type PILLOBALL Rod Ends Insert Type
Lubrication Type PILLOBALL Rod Ends Die-cast Type
Maintenance-free Type PILLOBALL Rod Ends


IKO PILLOBALLs are compact self-aligning spherical bushings that can support a large radial load and a bi-directional axial load at the same time. These bushings are classified by sliding surface types, namely, insert type, die-cast type and maintenance-free type. In the insert type, a spherical inner ring makes contact with the special copper alloy bushing with superior run-in properties.
IKO Roller Followers

Separable Roller Follower
Non-separable Roller Follower
Heavy Duty Type Roller Follower


IKORoller Followers are bearings designed for outer ring rotation, in which needle rollers are incorporated in a thick walled outer ring. Both crowned and cylindrical outer rings are available. The outer rings run directly on mating track surfaces, and the crowned outer ring is effective in relieving the edge load caused by mounting errors. ..
IKO L Balls

L-Ball dust cover


IKO L-Balls are self-aligning rod-ends consisting of a special die-cast zinc alloy body and a studded ball which has its axis at right angles to the body. They can perform tilting movement, oscillating movement and rotation with low torque, and transmit power smoothly due to uniform clearance between the sliding surfaces. …
IKO Needle Rooler Cages for General Usage

IKO Needle Roller Cages for Grease Usage are bearings which display excellent rotational performance. Needle rollers with extremely small dimensional variations in diameter are incorporated and retained in their specially shaped cages with high rigidity and accuracy, which precisely guide the needle rollers. When combined with shafts and housing bores that are heat treated and accurately ground as raceway surfaces…

IKO Linear Bushing is a high precision linear motion rolling guide which travels along a shaft to achieve endless linear motion. In the external cylinder, a retainer, steel balls, etc. are compactly incorporated. Wide variations in size are available for selections suitable for each application.


Low frictional linear motion
Simple replacement of conventional plain bushings
Simple replacement of conventional plain bushings
Stainless steel type……

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